You’re A-OK with Week2Week rather than a B&B


You’re A-OK with Week2Week rather than a B&B

The bed and breakfast is as much a part of the great British getaway as the inevitable rain and getting lost on the way. But they aren’t just for those looking to get away from it all for a weekend or longer. They are also gaining popularity with business travellers.

Corporate visitors are starting to favour the bed and breakfast partly for the breakfast part of the stay, but also thanks to certain features such as free Wi-Fi, as cited in a guide on how to attract business travellers on online blog chefforfeng.

But they aren’t without their faults and are far from perfect. That same blog also lists a long list of reasons why bed and breakfasts aren’t fully catching on with business visitors. Lack of amenities that often come with hotels, or serviced apartment such as an iron, lack of desk space and a printer or copier all hold back bed and breakfasts as a third choice, despite their obvious charm.

But what about the breakfast? The ready food without going shopping on a morning, getting you ready to face another busy day of business?

While hotels may offer a breakfast but no free WiFi, Week2Week serviced apartments have your back.

We offer a grocery and breakfast option in each of our fully serviced apartments, each in a prime location throughout the north east – allowing you to be at the heart of it all – from culture to innovation.

Our grocery and shopping service is available to all guests ready for their check in with us. It means not only are we your hotel alternative, we’re also your B&B alternative.

It all means that with a Week2Week apartment you can have the comfort of a hotel, the privacy of your very own home and now, the lived in feel of a bed and breakfast – including free Wi-Fi.

To find out more give us a call on 0191 281 3129 or browse our range of apartments and availability for yourself.