We’re ready to offer our services, are you ready to invest?


We’re ready to offer our services, are you ready to invest?

September can feel like a time to start again and try something different, the kids finally head back to school, the new football season is underway and Autumn begins. For Newcastle, we welcome the arrival of a new batch of students moving to university to essentially start again. Students aside, we can offer the perfect opportunity for you to ‘start again’ if you’re finally ready to take the next steps in marketing one of your properties with Week2Week.

Like many of our serviced apartment owners in the north east, they’ve all had to start from the beginning. You must have many questions, the first one being: why should I invest my property with Week2Week? What benefits will I get from servicing out my apartment? With 17 years of experience at Week2Week, we’ve had time to work out exactly how we can help our clients and what they expect from us.

High returns are certainly an incentive for our serviced apartment investors. At Week2Week we take pride in the high returns out investors receive from leasing their serviced apartments. We currently have up 54% higher returns on our serviced apartments than assured shorthold tenancy rentals when people use our property management services.

When we take on a new property and serviced apartment, we ensure all of our accredited apartments match and strive to be the equivalent of our clients staying in a four-star hotel with higher occupancy levels. When you register your property with Week2Week, we’ll work hard to ensure that our weekly housekeeping services keep your property in order whilst also reporting any maintenance your property requirements in the foreseeable future.

Once you decide to use Week2Week and work with our services, we’ll work closely to begin piecing together the paperwork efficiently so you can get your serviced apartment on the market as quick as possible. If your serviced apartment meets our criteria, we can market your property once the paperwork is completed.

At Week2Week we’ll also work closely on your property if there are décor or furnishing requirements after inspection. We’ll work on aiding your property and ensuring it meets a high standard, this can take a number of weeks to complete but we’ll work efficiently to ensure your property goes on the market as soon as possible.

September really is the time to finally invest in Week2Week and our property management services. If our services would benefit you and you would like to finally invest with Week2Week, we urge you to contact. To find out more or to see our range of fully serviced apartments, you can visithttp://week2week.co.uk/ or call us on 0191 281 3129.