Serviced Apartments – A day in the life of


Serviced Apartments – A day in the life of

Does your role challenge you?

No one ever said it would be simple, not one day is the same. What we love about what we do; the people and variety. I often wonder what would be said if we recorded just one day.

So here it is: Serviced Apartments – a day in the life of.

We start our day in the North of England prepared for rain, sunshine, snow, wind, you name it – wellies, sunglasses, raincoat, umbrella, sandals the list goes on. We drive to our city centre office and arrange a cup of English tea or a coffee from our favourite coffee shop: Coffee on the Quayside.

Ready for the day ahead managing serviced apartments, we check emails, arrange arrivals and departures, speak with guests and apartment owners, check housekeeping and maintenance schedules, carry out apartment checks, always planning ahead.

And then here it comes, the curveball. Is it:

  • A key broken in an apartment lock?
  • A power cut?
  • Office fire drill?
  • Marmalade sandwich delivery?


Even with the best made plans for the day ahead, there is nearly always a curveball working in the serviced apartments and hospitality industry. However, that’s why we love what we do here at Week2Week Apartments. Every day has it’s little challenges to overcome and no two days are the same.