Providing millennials with an alternate hotel experience…


Providing millennials with an alternate hotel experience…

The term ‘millennial’ refers to a demographic of people who were born around the time of the millennium reaching young adulthood in the early 21st century. Millennials have grown up with the internet and can’t imagine a world without; they’re also predictably tech-savvy and are frequent contributors to the ever-changing digital landscape. When it comes to travel and accommodation, the millennial of the 21st century will often strive for the newest and next best alternative to the average norm.

With younger ages accustom to travelling and seeing the world whilst they can, staying in the average hotel room isn’t always the direction they will opt to take. As tastes change, the idea highlights the growing influence of a generation of travellers with particular tastes. They want the latest in technology, common areas that double as work and play areas as well as the option to dine and cook with interesting food and beverages.

One way for millennials to gratify their taste for the alternative is to accommodate themselves within serviced apartments on their travels. The younger generation can use their apartment space to rest as well as feel comfortable knowing that their new-found space can be used for both leisure and to work on such things as their travel blog or plot their next travel destination.

Serviced apartments from Week2Week are the alternative choice. For the millennial with intentions of sticking around, long term stays from Week2Week is always an option to be considered. Serviced apartments based within the city centre like Centralofts, City Gate and St James are all perfect destinations for the millennial to reside in. Close apartments are at the heart of the ever-changing city and close to the vibrant night life with edgy creative food outlets.

What’s more, features included within all Week2Week serviced apartments offer millennials and travellers with free Wi-Fi for the duration of their stay. Another commodity to excite the millennial traveller is the provision of fully serviced kitchens available with fully equipped utensils and appliances including a washing machine and dryer.

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