No woof ride with Week2Week


No woof ride with Week2Week

They may be our furry friends, but a number of hotel chains are increasingly unfriendly toward our four legged companions, which can be distressing for both animal and owner.  

A search for pet friendly hotels reveals that there are just 11 surrounding Newcastle, with just four of them inside a city centre postcode.

The numbers are even more of a surprise when you consider that those who bring their pets tend to stay longer, with some business owners saying if you love a customer’s pet, they become a customer for life.

The pet care industry is worth billions, with The Telegraph reporting in 2015 that almost £7bn was spent by animal lovers in the UK. Dogs are treated to everything from exercise to designer outfits so it only figures that accommodation should be high on the list.

Well apparently not, with one of the UK’s top hotel chains for business stays, Premier Inn, banning all dogs outside of guide dogs from staying with them, with Travelodge adopting a similar policy.

At Week2Week, we know that your pet is an incredibly important part of your life. That’s why some of our apartments are 100% dog friendly meaning you can bring your canine chum to the great north no matter your reason or length of your stay.

You really can be at the heart of the north east in the hub of it all – no matter how hairy your travelling companion may be.