Hub for innovation – Inventive north shines again


Hub for innovation – Inventive north shines again

What do Lucozade, windscreen wipers and steam engines have in common?

At first, a glucose based sports drink, a car part we take for granted and an integral part of travel history may not seem to share a lot of factors. But dig deeper and you will discover that one thing in particular connects the three.

The first of the three was developed by WW Hunter when working in a Newcastle chemist in the late 1920s. The windscreen wiper was devised on a snowy drive back to the north east by a photographer working for Newcastle United and the Stephenson Rocket steam engine had its birth in Darlington. Can you see a pattern?

All three of these, and many more life changing inventions and innovations have links to the north east. Lifeboats, safety matches and even the lightbulb were all created by northerners that many at the time may have scoffed at, does not look like slowing down any time soon.

The north’s innovators continue to achieve the things that many believe to be impossible, with inventions including a filtration system to clean the air of fumes will, says the Pure Pull Mobile’s developer, revolutionise the manufacturing industry.

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