Hub for history – Living in the past


Hub for history – Living in the past

The title of this post might be somewhat misleading. While living in the past is something that is thrown at people who are often seen as out of touch or past it even, the North East is very much with the times – but is still living in the past.

Confused? Let us explain.

It’s often said by people that it’s important not to forget where you come from. It’s a phrase that hasn’t gone unnoticed by the region, with some of the best museums in England right here on our doorstep including one which, quite literally, lives in the past.

Beamish, The Living Museum of the North allows visitors the chance to step back in time and experience first-hand a taste of times gone by – from 2016 County Durham.

Hugely successful with over 600,000 visitors in 2014/15, Beamish has won numerous national awards and has recently been announced as a finalist in 2016’s VisitEngland awards for Excellence.

Featuring authentic period buildings and streets as well as employees in true to the times dress, Beamish really is a museum like no other. From the 1820s right up to the 1940s, get a faithful recreation in a museum that is less artefacts behind a glass case and more a hands on chance to throw yourself into the past.

Beamish is also set to expand into the 1950s thanks to £17m investment which will see a number of improvements including a historic cinema being moved brick by brick from nearby Sunderland to its new home.

It’s far from the north east’s only museum though, but it’s definitely one of its most iconic and is easily accessible by road and bus, and is around a 20-minute bus ride from Chester-le-Street train station.

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