Hub for Business – Ten north east firms in the UK’s most inspirational companies


Hub for Business – Ten north east firms in the UK’s most inspirational companies

The north east’s position as a hotbed of business has been strengthened with the London stock exchange listing nine companies among 1,000 who inspire Britain, with another among the 100 most innovative firms in the country.

Businesses as diverse as Barker and Stonehouse, Atkinson Northern and Kavli UK were named in May’s release from the stock exchange, while Stockton-based radiation detection specialist, Kromek was named the most innovative company for intellectual property. The thing which links them all? They all call the north east home.

Ten north east businesses have made a list of the UK's most innovative companies
Nine north east businesses have made a list of the UK’s most innovative companies

The north is all but ignored when it comes to business, but the fact remains that it is an area of the UK that is flourishing in terms of companies both large and small. Hitachi Rail Europe recently invested over £80m in a 700 job Newton Aycliffe plant to build the new high speed trains for the planned InnerCity Express Programme, while a number of good news stories continue to come out of the small businesses from around the region.

That comes fresh off the back of the news of multi-million pound Chinese and American purchases of another pair of regional businesses- Tommee Tippee and Frank Recruitment Group respectively, and we’re sure you’ll agree that the region is more than efficient as a hub of business!

The full list of north east companies which made the top 1,000 companies to inspire Britain  are; ADM Pressings, Atkinson Northern, Kavli UK, Barker and Stonehouse, Power Wholesale, Gem Partnership, Automotive Group (Newcastle) Ltd, Litter Boss and Premier Ina Holdings.

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