Hotels vs Serviced Apartments… the great debate


Hotels vs Serviced Apartments… the great debate

The face of business travel is changing. No longer are hotels seen as the ideal place they once were for the corporate traveller.

Rich Markus has over two decades worth of experience in markets including business travel. In an article for, he poses a scenario; “on a 45-day long project with four colleagues would you rather stay in a hotel room with bed, bathroom and continental breakfast, or a furnished apartment with all the appointments?”

Lately, it appears more and more are choosing the latter.

A number of online sources put this switch in expectations down to several key factors including improved space, privacy and simple home comforts – beyond a bed and shower.

Such is the extent of the growth of the serviced apartment industry, that the demand for apartments is actually outstripping supply due to an increasingly global workforce and longer stays which are not suitable for often cramped hotel rooms. It’s also interesting to note that as of figures from the Global Serviced Apartments Industry report, for travellers who have stayed in hotels and apartments, 79% preferred apartments.

Changing attitudes have seen hotels become just okay for short term stays, but for anything longer and more permanent, they simply don’t cut the mustard anymore.

Simple frustrations like Wi-Fi being difficult to connect to and charged for and strict hours on breakfast contributing to the shift in attitudes in business and corporate travellers, the extra freedom afforded by serviced apartments has played a part in their surge in popularity.

A serviced apartment has been branded a “home-from-home” experience which in turn has a positive effect on guests. The freedom to choose a location which suits their needs whether local, national or global and the flexibility which isn’t available with a hotel are just some of the benefits guests like in a serviced apartment.

Likewise, more normalised and consistent amenities in serviced apartments throughout the world; in short, travellers know what to expect from serviced apartments.

It’s something we at Week2Week have taken note of with the most requested features available across our portfolio. Our apartments are available in and around Newcastle upon Tyne, UK and for your convenience we also have access to apartments across the world from Adelaide to New York City, so no matter where you are going; there is an alternative to a hotel near you.

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