No Air – Stuffy rooms ruin stay for many


No Air – Stuffy rooms ruin stay for many

Hotels are many things – functional, comfortable and convenient for example. But there is one thing they are not which is a gripe for many looking for a place to stay while on business.

By their very nature, hotels are designed to get as many rooms as possible into one building. Because of that they lack any sort of choice or customisation beyond simple things such as single or double rooms.

Reviews on Trip Advisor warn about staying in stuffy hotel rooms with windows which can’t be opened, often without warning that the room’s windows are permanently closed.

It’s a real problem for those choosing to stay in what is essentially a tower block in many cases. The last thing people want when returning to their rooms after a busy spell of business is to come back to a warm room with no air, adding to the stresses of the day.

A man lies next to an electric fan in his home in Seoul July 4, 2007. Summertime in South Korea means cold beer on steamy nights and lonely deaths in stuffy rooms blamed on electic fans. Electric fans and Koreans are a deadly combination, according to an urban legend in the country that has it if a person sleeps in a closed room with a fan on all night they may never wake up. (Han Jae-Ho/Reuters)
Stuffy rooms ruin night for many hotel guests


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