For Week2Week, Family Matters


For Week2Week, Family Matters

Travelling here and there, often from one side of the Earth to the other can be quite the stressful affair. Between ensuring you catch the plane on time and sharing said plane with snoring space hogs with the chairs reclined all the way back, it can be anything but relaxing or ideal.

Often we hear from clients who are travelling by themselves, from as far as Australia and Dubai to the north east of England wanting to book for business stays lasting days or weeks. But one of our most popular requests sees a whole family travelling together – children in tow – looking for somewhere not just to stay, but to call home for an extended period of time – be it months to even years.

As a family run business we understand that after a trip you all just want to feel relaxed and at home almost instantly. We know how important it is for you and yours to settle in as quickly as possible, especially the kids who may, understandably feel a little agitated with the shift in time zones.

It’s why we will always go the extra mile to ensure you feel as comfortable in a Week2Week fully serviced apartment as you would in your own home – especially the little ones.

We can offer a welcome pack designed with a range of activities and goodies to help keep the children entertained and feel at home – no matter the length of your stay, be it days, weeks or months.  We also offer our exclusive culture shop, which again sees the Week2Week team extend the boundaries of ordinary service to bring you foods from your own home country to make the adjustment period that little easier.

At Week2Week we know it’s never easy settling in, and perhaps even less so when the children are travelling with you. But rest assured we are always a phone call away to assist you with whatever you need. And don’t forget nothing is too big or too small an issue for us. The only silly question is the one you don’t ask.

So if you are travelling and would like to make a request for you getting here, simply call us on 0191 281 3129 or drop us an email to and let us make your home away from home even more homely.